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Derived from the majestic Norfolk pines that grace the coastal scenery of Burleigh Heads, Queensland, Australia, Koichi Takada Architects have brought forth an extraordinary mixed-use residential project. This artful creation blends seamlessly with its surroundings, embodying organic curves and linear screening that harmonize with the environment and incorporate passive design principles.

Australian architecture is characterized by an alluring blend of cultural influences and unique natural landscapes that stretch across the continent. From the timelessness of traditional aboriginal dwellings to the striking contemporary structures that dot urban centres like Sydney and Melbourne, Australian architecture reflects the nation’s dynamic spirit and ever-evolving nature. Colonial architecture, influenced by British and European styles, left an indelible mark on Australia’s built environment. 

Norfolk Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast
Architecture by Koichi Takada, Interiors by Mim Design

Inspired by the towering Norfolk pine trees standing sentry along Burleigh’s picturesque coastline, architect Koichi Takada has designed this sculptural building to sit harmoniously in the landscape. Born in Japan and based in Sydney, Takada has a talent for nestling nature into urban designs. With wavy, overlapping balconies shading each other and moveable screens to give privacy and sun protection, this building will embrace passive design principles to reduce its carbon footprint. It will also look beautiful, with undulating timber batons on the exterior.

There’s just something about a market and we challenge you to find a human who wouldn’t rather stock up for the week at an uber-fresh and friendly market, rather than a grocery chain store. This is precisely why we got all the feels when we recently visited Tugun Market Co. Servicing the community from pantry to plate, they specialise in fresh produce, high-quality butcher meats, gourmet foods, health foods, organic products, vegan products, stunning blooms and gorgeous gifty style homewares.

Wandering around the farmer’s markets with a coffee in hand is undoubtedly one of our favourite ways to fill our fridge and pantry. Sometimes, though, life gets in the way, or you make impromptu plans to have people over for dinner and need to pick up a few extra nibbles. In news that will excite local-produce procurers, gourmands and turophiles (fanciers of cheese), the family-owned-and-operated Tugun Market Co has recently unveiled a seriously impressive renovation. Take a peek …

These are among the Gold Coast’s most influential people.

The powerbrokers, movers and shakers, those at the top of their game, celebrities, entrepreneurs and CEOs who are putting the city on the map. Our journalists and editors have spent weeks debating whose influence and work matters most in 2022 – and now it’s your turn to read, argue, ponder and share the second instalment: development and construction heavyweights.

The new 10-story residential tower, Norfolk, by Koichi Takada Architects is a perfect example of biomimcry in architecture. Inspired by the Norfolk Pines near its site of Burleigh Heads on the Australian coast, this structure mimics the organizational logic of the Norfolk pinecone. The pinecone uses overlapping layers to protect its seeds within. In the same way, this project uses undulating and oversized floor slabs to provide shade for residents.

Australian firm Koichi Takada Architects has completed a mixed-use apartment block on Queensland’s Gold Coast featuring retractable slatted wooden screens and thin balconies that reference the form of a pinecone.

Located on Goodwin Terrace, a strip of coastline at the southern end of Burleigh Heads Beach, the 1,012-square-metre seafront site has been developed for property developer FORME.


A new development application by Brisbane-based Forme has been submitted which will expand James James Street towards New Farm and continue the popular retail high street’s unique subtropical architecture.

James Street, which has largely developed an architectural style of its own, through a well orchestrated evolution of developments would receive its second medium scale commercial building which is proposed for 75-85 James Street, Fortitude Valley.

Its Fortitude Valley pop-ups have been a whopping success attracting long queues with wood-fired treats, now Agnes Bakery has announced where and when it will open for good.

Pictured above are: Co-owners Ty Simon and Ben Williamson will open Agnes Bakery in James St, New Farm. Picture: Liam Kidston.


Prominent Queensland business entrepreneurs and philanthropists Cathie Reid and Stuart Giles have bought a beachfront apartment in one of the Gold Coast’s most luxurious new developments. The co-founders of the Icon Cancer Care Group and the Epic Good Foundation took to social media this week to reveal their latest investment — a custom, two-level beach house in a new boutique project in Burleigh Heads.


Norfolk’s unique dual-level beach house of 539m2 has been secured as construction of the Goodwin Terrace icon tracks for April completion. With exclusive park and beach frontage, the private residence includes a private pool, social bar, entertainment room, media lounge, and five bedrooms including a substantial master wing.