Group 31


February 24, 2022

Resembling a modern sculptural pinecone, Norfolk Burleigh Heads is shaped with over-lapping organic balcony forms that jut out and form a soft edge to an otherwise unanimated building.

A new addition to a previously unde-veloped area, the new mixed-use residential development, which features interior design by Mim Design, sits alongside a preserved strip of Australian coastline and opens generously to the nearby beach. In much the same way as a pine cone opens and closes to protect its seeds, Koichi Takada Architects designed the building to open and close, allowing it to breathe with operable elements that enable residents to temper light, air and solar gains throughout the day.

With a soft organic quality to the outer shell, the inner workings of each residence have been highly tuned to respond to the coast-al environment. But instead of composing a lightweight structure, as is common for coast-al construction, there is a weightiness to the building. Balanced through timber and glass in a refined and considered way, the building could be placed anywhere. The combining of both natural and lifestyle focuses ensures the building is responsive to the aspects of nature it is surrounded by, creating an almost ‘living sculpture’ in the process.



Spread over 10 levels, the complex in-cludes 15 apartments as well as a series of supporting lifestyle offerings throughout. The gym, outdoor pool and sauna together create the feeling of an all-inclusive hotel environ-ment (what’s not to love?), while access to the nearby beach pulls residents to a different en-vironment. Wellbeing is a distinct focus and is embedded into each residence, acting as an extension of the area’s love of an outdoor life-style. With the inclusion of various sustainable initiatives, the architecture works to regulate its interior environment and keep its residents comfortable, enabling the building to respond to the changing climate throughout the year. Framing views, the design of each apart-ment is a celebration of its location. With clear and uninterrupted visual access to the impec-cable coastline it abuts, Norfolk Burleigh Heads is a truly unique and site-specific response, set to become an icon all of its own.




By Bronwyn Marshall – The Local Project


Photography by Scott Burrows